Our services are not only transparent and tailored to your needs, but more importantly, based on expertise and commitment. Our highly skilled technicians use only professionally proven and Eco-friendly cleaning products, as well as techniques in accordance with best business practices to fulfilling your regular or one-off, Domestic or Commercial, cleaning and upkeep requirements. With a vast and ever-growing range of Cleaning and Maintenance Services, we aim to cover all your property needs. We are currently able to offer the following services:

  • Window Cleaning

    Traditional Window Cleaning or high reach Window Cleaning by telescopic (pure) water fed pole systems;  Window Cleaning Service of excellence inclusive of the optional Skylights, Veluxes, Glass roofs and almost any type of glazed surface.

  • Conservatory Cleaning

    From complete Internal and External Conservatory Cleaning inclusive of renovation of uPVC frames to simple External Cleaning of the Conservatory Roof only.

  • Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

    Manually from ladders or by Gutter Cleaning Machine from the safety of ground, scheduled or ad hoc Gutter Clearance, Guttering Repairs, Guttering renewals or installation of new Guttering to your property. As an optional service we can also unblock mid-clogged Guttering Downpipes.

  • Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning

    Steam Cleaning of your Carpets, Rugs or Upholstery. From single rooms to Hotels, Carpet Cleaning Services tailored to every customer individually with the optional deodorising, carpet stain treatment/removal, Sanitising also referred as baby-proofing - anti-microbial sanitising and cleaning against bacteria (including MRSA), viruses (including Hepatitis B and HIV), fungi, algae and mildew.

  • House Roof Cleaning

    With the safer and roof friendly Low-Pressure approach we manually remove and brush off large deposits of moss and debris from your house roof and spray with strong and yet Eco-friendly active cleaner to ensure any remaining spores of algae, lichen or seeds and roots of moss will decompose and detach from your roof safely. At time of roof cleaning service our technicians will also visually examine your roof's health condition(i.e. for any misplaced or missing roof tiles/slates, pointing around led or chimney and chimney top), clear and check your gutters if any repairs are required or if issues can be expected in the foreseeable future for both your roof and gutters.

  • Soft wash

    This service is usually recommended for the safe cleaning of facades, ground surfaces, notably tarmac, MUGA, artificial grass and sports surfaces, on some slated roofs or in other words where high pressure (jet) wash could either damage the surface, be inefficient or even not safe to perform.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning

    An efficient way to maximise the return of investment for your solar panels is our solar panel cleaning service. Available from single solar panel to scheduled maintenance of entire solar farms we endeavour to help you maintain the high energy flow rates your solar panels had when they were just installed.

  • High-Pressure Cleaning

    Suitable for residential or commercial Patios, Driveways, Decking, in all London areas, our High-Pressure Cleaning Service could also include Facade high-pressure cleaning or the optional post-cleaning conservation and sand re-laying between the paving blocks of your Driveway.

  • Handyman

    Should you need your TV or floating shelves wall-mounted, the roof felt of your shed renewed or a couple of flat-packs assembled, even installation of blinds, curtain rails or to prepare your London property for renting out and have several smoke alarms fitted, fire extinguisher attached to a wall, a few door locks replaced, please do feel free to enquire and we will do our best to help.

We also offer several services through our rigorously selected network of companies:

  • End of tenancy, Move in, Move out cleaning

  • General Housekeeping

  • Removals

  • Horticulture

Should you require additional information please do feel free to contact with your specific needs for a free* no-obligation quote. We are keen to fast response and short turn-around. In order to process your request in a timely manner please supply us with as detailed information as possible. Images of the concerned areas sometimes could also show good or different than the desired approach and help us build sufficient understanding of the matter, hence quote accordingly.

*Free quotes are estimated and to the best of our knowledge, based on the provided information at the time of enquiry. We reserve the right to amend quotation, postpone or in very rare occasions cancel service/s at the time of visit should the supplied information prove inaccurate, misrepresented or if additional services are required. We treat all our customers equally and requests for any additional services at the time of visit may not be honoured as such action could lead to delay in the delivery of service to the next customer. To avoid disappointment we encourage our customers to ask in details for the specifics of any service that could be of interest at the time of enquiry.