Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

The only surface in your house that can not become clean with the use of standard cleaning tools available for domestic or commercial customers are the carpet or upholstery areas. Hoovering is good way to clean larger particles but small ones like the bacteria and dirt brought in with your shoes can only be extracted by specialist tools that presumably are relatively expensive - therefore not so cost efficient and is also more convenient to leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals.

Another service of excellence is our Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service that will suit both Domestic and Commercial Customers. We use only professionally proven and Eco-friendly cleaning products allowing us to bring back to life the carpets you once had and restore the comfort of your furniture. For ultimate satisfaction we recommend to combine Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning Services, in order to brighten up your house and enjoy your sparkling carpets in full.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service is available from only one room or set of stairwell plus landing and has no upper limit. However minimum charge applies and there are several levels of service. Such services could be:

  • Basic or Standard Carpet Cleaning Service - this is the most commonly used carpet cleaning service and is the one we initially quote for. This service is suitable for well maintained and regularly cleaned carpets or carpets with light use. Please refer to the exemplary image concerning the results after such service. The image was taken in four story house with three flats. You can notice that the standard carpet cleaning service has already been performed around the edge of the carpet that is situated in the entrance hall of the building.
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning Service - this carpet cleaning service includes up to seven different stages of carpet cleaning procedures and is designed for carpets which suffer from lack of attention and not so well maintained or regularly cleaned carpets or simply those with heavy traffic (i.e. hotels, guest houses, offices etc). This carpet cleaning service involves the use of four times stronger carpet cleaning detergents than the basic ones. Should this prove ineffective the use of Industrial strength carpet cleaning detergents may be required as add-on and at small additional cost. It is important to note that if carpets have not been maintained over very long periods of time or have been heavily abused this service may not solve the issue over one carpet cleaning service and carpets may still show signs of wear. Therefore such service may have to be performed several times for optimum results.
  • Stain treatment - this service can be booked as add-on to the above mentioned carpet cleaning services as it is not included in our standard or basic carpet cleaning or the deep carpet cleaning one and it is designed for treatment with the potential removal of stains that can not be removed with the above mentioned detergents, as some stains disappear or improve significantly after the above mentioned carpet cleaning services. Major role in this service is the age or nature of stains as if unknown or been present for too long they may not disappear and still be noticeable after cleaning of carpets.
  • Carpet Protection and Future Stain Resistance Service - this optional service is designed for easy future maintenance and carpet cleaning. It is available at small additional cost is offered as add-on that is not included in our standard carpet cleaning service or the deep carpet cleaning one. Please note, this service is not guarantee that future stains will not occur on your carpets nor the currently present stains will clean.

Significant role in the carpet cleaning service has the temperature of water at clients premises as all detergents work more efficient when water is hot. Cold or lightly warm water does not react that well with carpet cleaning detergents and they may not show their best, meaning that carpets may still show signs of wear.

Should you wish to find out more about our carpet cleaning services or require free no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us. In order to help us to supply a most accurate quote and avoid disappointment we would be very glad if you could email us image of your carpet-to-be-cleaned along with your request

Important notes for your peace of mind:

1. for safety and security reasons our operatives will not move heavy furniture around, but can cope with light bedsides or wheeled arm chairs or sofas, but cannot tidy up the entire room.

2. If carpets are not maintained for long period of time, they may also have some missing patches or significant wear and tear that will become more visible at the end of the carpet cleaning service.

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