Window Cleaning

From only one window, to a multimillion property – window cleaning services of same standard regardless of job’s size. Our highly-skilled operatives are fully trained and will efficiently carry out their tasks without affecting the work flow within our customer’s property. In order to keep our prices as low as possible we can only wipe the dust off your windows framework as most properties do not require frames to be included in the window cleaning process. However, if your window frames/sills require proper cleaning we will have to charge additionally. This is due to some windows being in very quiet areas while others are not that lucky. Skylights, glass roofs, veluxes, solar panels and house extensions are also excluded from our basic window cleaning quotes. Should you wish to have yours included and avoid disappointments at time of visit, please do not hesitate to include them when quoted.

Traditional Window Cleaning

Most of our residential window cleaning jobs require traditional window cleaning as being ground and first floor properties. However, we are also able to use traditional window cleaning for higher properties but our operatives will need access to your windows-to-be-cleaned and cleared area around. Traditional window cleaning is also the cost effective solution for flats situated on fifth floor and above. In order to have your windows cleaned properly fully operational windows are required, as windows which do not open, have static secondary glazing or open very little may be partially done and some areas remain uncleaned.

Pure Water Fed Poles and High Reach Window Cleaning

This type of service is suitable where access to your windows is not required, impossible or not safe. Water Fed Poles are mostly suitable for blocks of flats, areas where using the traditional window cleaning technique is not safe or simply the windows can not be reached. Our poles can reach up to the fifth floor or 65ft plus operative's height, yet depending on building's specifics.

Cherry-Picker and Abseiling

For all other types of window cleaning we can use Cherry-Pickers or appoint trusted Abseiler and fulfill your requirements. However these services are available at additional cost and we may also have to undertake a survey in prior of quotation. Cherry-Pickers or Abseiling are more suitable for large office buildings, some hotels, areas with difficult or specific access requirements.

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    Difficult Access Window Cleaning

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