Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Service.

Having your gutters cleaned regularly would keep the exterior of your house healthy for longer periods. We at D Cleaning Solution (London) recommend to have the gutter cleaning service at least once a year, for properties with less trees around, and every eight months with properties with trees above. By cleaning gutters regularly you can prevent water overflow which can damage the external walls and cause fast rotting of the fascia board, which might loosen the gutter holding brackets and even penetrate in your attic and cause dampness on ceilings. By not having the gutters cleaned regularly the rotten fascia boards could not only dislodge the gutters but could have also misaligned them and create water gathering points which will even increase the potential damage to your house. Replacement of fascia boards could cost around £1650 for up to 25 meters of a standard three bed semi-detached property in the London area, while the gutter cleaning service for the same property can cost around £75. In other words for the same cost you can have your gutters cleaned for 22 years, if gutter cleaning service is performed once per year.

Our gutter cleaning services vary from simple one-off gutter cleaning to complete gutter cleaning service with optional soffitt cleaning, fascia cleaning and downpipe cleaning or downpipe unblocking. While your gutters are being cleaned our staff will also check them for any visual defects or leaks (if any) and point them out to you. Should you wish we, at  D Cleaning Solution (London), can also repair or replace the damaged gutter for an additional cost.

Our Gutter Cleaning prices?

With our simple gutter cleaning ‘per meter’ price you’ll never pay more than you should. Price is subject to a minimum charge which includes gutter cleaning of up to 15m and this covers the most common 3bed semi-detached houses with gutters around ground floor bay window and first floor at the front and L-shaped first floor guttering at the rear of property.

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