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Professional windows cleaning

One of the most tiresome chores that everyone has to do at some point in their life is windows cleaning. Even though it seems like an easy thing to do at first, in order to end up with perfectly clean windows, one has to do them on the inside and on the outside several times…
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Window cleaning. Basic do’s and don’ts

Chores for many of us are tedious and boring. There are countless other ways that we’d rather spend our weekend than balancing on a ladder to clean the gutters or cleaning out the garage. A job is a job and it’s need to be done. Today we’ll be focusing just on one of those jobs.…
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Enjoy The View – A Guide To Spotless Windows

Window cleaning is this one chore we all wish it could be easier. Therefore, most people call the professional property services people for the job - us. They really do make our lives easier, right? Whether there’s a house maintenance you cannot cope with in your property or should you even need the windows of…
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The windows – a reflection of our home

When a person enters our residence, the first thing they note is the lighting and through the day, this function is taken mainly by the windows. They are also viewed as a reflection of our personality because they separate the inner and outer space of our property. If the glass is dirty or dimmed this…
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