Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be challenging and time-consuming, even for the most energetic person. Although many of our customers understand the importance of regular upkeep, some of our domestic and commercial customers wouldn't notice their carpets are dirty until the fabric becomes a darker colour. Carpets look their best when they’re fresh and free from bacteria, odour and dirt.

To maintain such level of cosiness, we recommend carpets to be cleaned every six months for the areas with less traffic, and more often for communal stairs and hallways or carpets exposed to heavy traffic. The science behind this is, if carpet is not cleaned regularly, the dirt would embed and require several carpet cleaning services or in worse case need replacement due to being irreversibly worn. Another downside is that the colour of the carpet may have changed as well. This happens rapidly with some stains, for example drinks or food that contain colouring agents. Generally the longer the stain remains on your carpet, the lesser chance there is that it’ll come out. Different types of carpets do age in their own way and lose their strength to dirt and stain resistance differently. Although all types of carpet benefit from a good clean, some come up better than others.Castelnau or Charlton, and more often for communal stairs and hallways or carpets exposed to heavy traffic. The science behind this is, if carpet is not cleaned regularly, as in Chessington or Chiswick, the dirt would embed and require several carpet cleaning services or in worse case - replacement due to it being ultimately and irreversibly worn. Another downside is that the colours of the carpets may have changed as well. This happens rapidly with some stains, for example drinks or food that contain colouring agents. Yet depending on nature of stain and carpet, but generally the longer the stain remains on your carpet, the lesser chance there is to come out. Different types of carpets, not only in Clapham or Colliers Wood, do age in their own way and lose their strength to dirt and stain resistance differently. Respectively they do freshen up in uncommon way and some carpets clean better than others.

Our top-notch service will suit domestic and commercial customers across London. We use professionally proven and eco-friendly cleaning products allowing us to bring back to life the carpets you once had and restore the comfort of your furniture. For ultimate satisfaction we recommend to combine carpet cleaning and window cleaning services, in order to brighten up your house and enjoy your sparkling carpets in full.

Our carpet cleaning service is available from just one room to a whole property. A minimum charge applies throughout all London boroughs and there are several levels of service. Such services could be:

  • Basic or standard carpet cleaning service - this is the most commonly used carpet cleaning service and is the one we initially quote for. This service is suitable for well maintained and regularly cleaned carpets or carpets with light use. Please refer to the image on this page that shows an example of such service in Earl's Court. The image was taken in four story house with three flats. The standard carpet cleaning service has already been performed around the edge of the carpet that is situated at the entrance hall of the building.
  • Deep carpet cleaning service - this carpet cleaning service includes up to seven different stages of carpet cleaning procedures and is designed for carpets suffering from lack of attention and heavy traffic. This carpet cleaning service involves the use of four times stronger carpet cleaning detergents than the basic ones (where possible). Should this prove ineffective the use of industrial strength carpet cleaning detergents may be required as add-on and at additional cost. It is important to note that if carpets have not been maintained over very long periods of time or have been heavily abused this service may not solve the issue over one carpet cleaning service and carpets may still show signs of wearing. For optimum results such service may have to be performed several times.
  • Stain treatment - this service can be booked as add-on to the above mentioned carpet cleaning services as it is not included in the standard carpet cleaning services. It is designed for treatment with the potential removal of stains that cannot be otherwise removed, although some stains disappear or improve significantly after the above mentioned carpet cleaning services is performed. Depending on the age and nature of stains they may still not disappear completely and remain noticeable even after cleaning/treatment with specially designed stain spotters.
  • Carpet protection and future stain resistance service - this optional service is designed for ease of future carpet cleaning. It is available at additional cost and is not included in our standard or deep carpet cleaning services. Please note, this service is not a guarantee that future stains will not occur or damage your carpets nor that any current stains will totally disappear. It is designed to give extra reaction time in the event of spillage. However, results can vary.

The temperature of water at clients’ premises has a key role to play, as all detergents work more efficiently when water is hot. Cold or warm water does not react that well with carpet cleaning detergents and they may not perform at their best.

Should you wish to find out more about our carpet cleaning services or require a free no obligation quote, please feel free to contact us. In order to help us to supply a most accurate quote and avoid disappointment, we would be very grateful if you could advise us with the areas to be cleaned (single/double bedroom, living/dining room, total number of steps and landings where flights of stairs are above 14) accompanied by photos of your carpet to be cleaned, along with your request.