Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning can be challenging and time-consuming, even for the most energetic person from Woolwich to Woodlands, Tooting to Teddington. Although many of our customers, like in Wimbledon or West Wickham, understand the need of regular upkeep, some of our domestic and commercial customers don't notice their carpets are dirty until the fabric becomes an idea darker. Covering Wembley, Walthamstow, Upminster Twickenham and Wandsworth too, carpets must be fresh and free from bacteria, odour and dirt. To maintain such level of cosiness, we recommend carpets are cleaned every six months for the areas with less traffic, and more often for communal stairs and hallways or carpets exposed to heavy footfall. The science behind this is, if carpet is not cleaned regularly, the dirt would embed and require several carpet cleaning services or in worse cases, replacement due to it being ultimately and irreversibly worn. Another downside is that the colour of the carpet may have changed as well. This happens rapidly with some stains, for example drinks or food that contain colouring agents. Depending on the nature of the stain and carpet, generally the longer the stain is on there, the less the chance you have of removing it. Different types of carpets show age differently when it comes to dirt and stain resistance, meaning some clean up better than others too.

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