House Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

Surprisingly, the amount of moss spread shown in this picture can totally cover a standard 3 bed 2 storey semi-detached property and weigh more than 200 kilograms when wet. The amount of accumulated moss isn't just an aesthetic issue but also has major role in the following:

  • The overall health of your roof tiles, beams and ridge tile pointing - the growth or roots of roof vegetation lifts up and misplaces roof tiles in time and allows water to seep under. Accumulation of moss on roofs could also be harmful in several ways to the roof structure (increased moisture levels, cold and total additional weight)
  • How quickly your house roof would become warmed by the sun - meaning that in cold and wet weather the heat would be lost through your roof. This could of course result in your heating being on for longer in order to cope. So it’s about saving money too.

Fortunately the speed of moss growth is slow and it could take several years for issues to appear. Should you experience some of the above already or are just curious how much it could cost to clean your roof, please do feel free to contact.


In order to deal with your request in timely manner please answer to the following questions at time of enquiry:

  • The total area of roof to be cleaned
  • The number of stories your property has
  • Whether free access can be gained from all sides?

Photos of all sides of your property (and roof) would help us build better understanding and overall job assessment.

We look forward to hearing from you

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