Window Cleaning

From one window to multistory property – window cleaning services of highest standards regardless of work extent. Our highly-skilled operatives are fully trained and will efficiently carry out their tasks with minimum disruption. From traditional window cleaning or water fed poles with hot/cold purified water to abseiling or platforms/cherry pickers there's almost no window that could be out of reach.

Traditional Window Cleaning

The traditional Window Cleaning is mostly used for residential or internal office window cleaning jobs where other methods are inefficient. It is suitable for shopfronts, standard houses of up to two/three storeys, internal window cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning and more.

(HOT) Pure Water Fed Poles and High Reach Window Cleaning

The water fed pole window cleaning is recommended when access to your windows is difficult or not safe for window cleaning from ladders. Water Fed Poles are the safer and more convenient way of cleaning larger blocks of flats, areas where using the traditional window cleaning technique is not practical or simply when windows can not be reached due to being too high. It is scientifically proven that the use of purified water also has the additional benefit of charging your windows and frames(or creating additional/top layer of ions) with the same polarity as the dirt particles and therefore windows remain cleaner for longer in comparison to traditional window cleaning.

Cherry-Pickers and Abseiling

For all otherwise impossible window cleaning tasks we can use Cherry-Pickers or trusted Abseilers and fulfil your requirements. Cherry-Pickers or Abseiling are efficient way to tackle manual(traditional) window cleaning for large office buildings, some hotels and modern blocks, as well as areas with difficult or specific access requirements.

Should you require any further information or are keen to find out the cost of comfort please do feel free to contact.

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