The windows – a reflection of our home

When a person enters our residence, the first thing they note is the lighting and through the day, this function is taken mainly by the windows. They are also viewed as a reflection of our personality because they separate the inner and outer space of our property. If the glass is dirty or dimmed this could be translated to filthiness and indolence while it being well-sustained could inflict a sense of order and perfectionism. That is why it is of great importance to take care of them and keep them in proper condition.
Window cleaning could be done in two ways - solely by us or using professional property services. But what is the cost?
Let’s first take a look at the first option. While this may seem the more practical suggestion we mustn’t underestimate the complexity of the process. We would want our efforts to be as minimal and as effective as possible (so that we wouldn’t need to repeat this process again in a few days) and that is why we must properly prepare ourselves. It is also very important not to leave any smears or streaks in order to achieve the brilliance we strive for.

Let’s first start by discussing when the best time for window cleaning is. Everybody would initially think that this will be in a warm and sunny day, but on the contrary to this cliché, this definitely isn’t the best idea. When the temperatures are high, the already applied cleaning solution on windows will dry out too fast which can lead to residual trails from the detergent. This is why we should clean them up early in the morning when the weather is good. In the event of not willing to get up at such a time, this could be done in a cloudy day when the humidity in the air could aid us.
The second thing we should take into consideration is the precautions needed in order to prolong the effect of the clean-up. Before starting the initial process we should make sure that the area around the windows is already spotless both on the inside and the outside, because the less griminess there is around the windows the harder they will become dirty again. Moreover, if there are any mosquito nets, we should remove and then wash them in the sink beforehand with whatever detergent we have at hand such as soap, shampoo, wash-up liquid or other. We should bear in mind that smoking around the windows has very bad effect not only on us but on them as well because of the nicotine that sticks to the glass.

Now we are ready for the actual cleaning. For it, we need two things - a detergent and a something we can use to harmlessly wipe the glass. It wouldn’t be very thoughtful of us to grab a normal towel and start rubbing the window with it. It would be best to use a microfiber cloth because others types of cloths could leave unwanted fabric residue all over the glass. We could also use newspapers or napkins. Although this may sound a little old-school it still is the best and trouble-free method out there. If we want to be practical with the detergent as well as preserve our budget while keeping or even raising the quality of the window cleaning, we could make our own clean-up liquid. Here are some examples:

  • A mixture of apple vinegar and warm water in proportion 1:1
  • Blending 3 teacups of water with 3 tablespoons salt and 3 tablespoons baking soda(we can even further improve the results of this composite by adding some washing powder)
    After we have diligently polished the windows, we carefully let them dry out.

These are just some of the many practical solutions for amending the look of our windows.

Now, if we lack the time or the energy for such procedures, we could simply use a professional property services company. We will now discuss in detail if it is better to carry out this “simple” task by ourselves or is it more convenient to pay a professional and do it in a more qualitative way.

Contrary to the belief of expensive services Needless to say, if our household finances are in a poor condition, we should definitely consider the first option, but if not, we should take look into the large number of valid advantages when it comes to hiring professionals for ordinary, yet important assignments such as window cleaning.

Firstly, there is a lot of competition in this sphere of work, which means better pricing and performance by the professional property service companies. This way, not only will we be able to see a lot of reviews of their work from casual clients, such as ourselves, but also enabling us to choose from a wide variety of specialist services suitable for our home.
Secondly, we must admit that no matter how good we are at housework, we cannot even compare our results to those of the modern professional establishments which specialize in such endeavours. Having that said, there are some benefits that are not so obvious and should be mentioned.

One such is the detergents they use. It is aim of the company we are using to make our windows looking good for as long as possible so it is natural that they would want to use detergents that give the best results. Some even use assistive substances that leave a protective layer on the glass which prevents further contamination. Homemade clean-up liquids could be efficient to a point; whereas modern detergents specialized in window cleaning can give our home the continued luminescence of perfectly polished glass.
Another big advantage of professional window cleaning is saving time. As much as we would like to do the housework all by ourselves, most of the people nowadays don’t have the opportunity to do so because of their busy daily round. It must be admitted though, that the housekeeping work can also be taken as a kind of active relaxation as this is time when we can enjoy some silence and clear our minds, but unfortunately, it still is activity which takes up energy and induces a slight physical toll on us despite not looking so burdening.

As we have mentioned earlier, window cleaning is a long and zealous pursuit especially when we are living in house with a pet or kids. Trying to focus on this task while being distracted will not only get on our nerves but have an impact on the quality of our work as well.

When we use professional property services, playing with the kids or preparing that dinner for the hubby (yes, the one of bursting flavours) will give just enough time to the operatives they need to finish their task. This also is an intelligent way to spend some quality time for ourselves while simultaneously getting our home into a better shape.
And because safety should always come first, by using professional property services, we also erase the risk of hurting ourselves. Most of us live in houses that stretch far high above the ground, which increases the chance of an unwanted accident. This is one of the best arguments for choosing this option as it is not very advisable to risk our health every time we want to do a proper window cleaning. Falling while doing this may seem absurd but there are many such cases throughout the UK. Fortunately, this couldn’t happen to professionals as they have the appropriate equipment and experience to avoid potentially dangerous situations, so we would probably want to bet on certainty and use paid services instead.

What we must remember is that no matter how we choose to do the window cleaning, we must always take that task with seriousness and not disregard it as a boring and continuous housework. While for some of us this may be so, what is also true is that the windows are one of the most important parts of the interior and if we underestimate their maintenance we won’t be able to create the desired atmosphere of purity and cosiness. Leaving this task to professional property services company is always the preferable option, especially when the price tag also comes with the additional benefits of courtesy, quality services and value for money – although, on the other hand, there is always the opportunity to roll up the sleeves, take up a wet cloth, display some creativity and get the job done!

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