Window cleaning. Basic do’s and don’ts

Chores for many of us are tedious and boring. There are countless other ways that we’d rather spend our weekend than balancing on a ladder to clean the gutters or cleaning out the garage. A job is a job and it’s need to be done. Today we’ll be focusing just on one of those jobs. Window cleaning. Window cleaning can be considered an easy depending on your home’s layout it could be a lengthy task.Of course professional property services can take this burden of your chest in no time. But for some that don’t like just sitting around the house that isn’t always an option.

If you're a homeowner window cleaning is still a time consuming task and sometimes a dangerous one as well. In the process you can cause serious damage to your property if you don’t take caution or the required actions in advance. If a job needs to get done it better be done right . Cleaning your windows properly will pay off in the long run. Simple windows maintenance is required for a healthy home. Not taking good care of your windows might lead the way to algae, mold, insect nests, and cracked soon to be broken glass. And no one wants that. Here’s where professional property services come in handy. Taking care care of those insect nests isn’t something that many want to take part of.

For most cases a simple toolkit is required. A bucket with water and some detergent and a squeegee can do wonders. A ladder for the second floor and an extending pole if that ladder isn’t the tool of your choice. Who knows you might be afraid of heights, you’ve had a bad experience with a ladder beforehand or you just don’t have one. If the ladder is your weapon of choice try to place it on leveled ground where it can rest safely with no wobbling to ensure it won’t slip and make your day a lot worse. Another way to keep the ladder from slipping is to have a friend keep it steady making sure your safety. Just make sure they don’t pay more attention to their phone than you.

Water fed poles are a nice addition to any window maintaining enthusiast. The right equipment for the right job as it’s said. They do an excellent job of incorporating everything listed in one. The only problem is it’s a great expense usually only professional property services tend to spend on. Of course for professional property services it’s a must.

A less knows secret weapon is mixing same amounts apple vinegar with water.It’s said that this is more powerful than most store bought window cleaning products. Adding detergent or soap can maximize its power and add the scent of your choice. When using store bought detergent don’t forget to use gloves if you are scrubbing with a sponge. The chemicals from those product can cause irritation to your skin. The squeegee is the most used tool in this profession. If you use one of those with a sponge or a metal blade one make sure to change them frequently. The metal blade can get rusty or warped and that will scratch the glass. The sponge gets easily damaged from the chemicals or the dirt in general. Even the plastic edged ones get serrated and start leaving marks on the glass. And of course we’re trying to make it spot free. Using a towel or a rag to wipe after the squeegee is a good idea for a spot free window. But after a while when it gets too damp it should be left to dry out or thrown away because it will start smearing and leave droplets that may become stains. Some cloths are not really suitable for this purpose. Cotton, wool, or poly might leave fabric flecks all over the window. Newspaper or microfiber are the best choices for this job. Use and old newspaper when you feel it starting to leave streaks just toss it away. Use a microfiber. When it starts getting too wet leave it aside to dry out and use something else. Having more than one helps.

Depending on how stained those windows are some serious power might turn out to be useful. Seeking out professional property services come into play. Let’s say you haven’t paid attention to your conservatory in a long time it has collected a near impossible amount of gunk or is covered in algae. Or you just moved into a house where it has a similar issue. Professional property services thoroughly take care of any existing issue. Most qualified professionals make split second decisions on how to tackle the issues in front of them.

Time to discuss the right time and weather when to clean the windows. Most logically would be a hot sunny day. Right? That’s when the windows are going to dry out the fastest and we’re going to achieve our best results? You don’t want to dry out the windows that fast, in this case this allows for the water to evaporate too fast and leave watermarks. The perfect weather is a cloudy day when the humidity comes in hand. You should try clean as much of lany hard residue that we might find on the windows themselves and the window frames. A cloth of some kind should be used. Removing any kind of dirt beforehand will help in not smearing that all over the window and help with the overall process.

In any case if you choose to take advantage of professional property services all of these necessities will be fulfilled without you even moving a finger. Cleaning the windows by yourself shouldn’t be just a chore that is disregarded nonchalauntly, or done sloppy. It should be done with the care and professionalism that it requires. Windows are a part of our household and complete the “Home sweet home” look of our environment. Calling professional property services saves us time that we can spend on the people that we love, some projects that we need to work on or redirect our time to something else in the house that needs our attention.

Nevertheless I hope we’ve covered enough ground to help you make up your mind between calling professionals and completing the job professionally.

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